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One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.

–Leonardo Da Vinci

In order to accomplish our objectives we need more than knowledge. At the right time that knowledge must be accompanied by skill. There are skills in every area of life from cooking, exercising, driving to strategy, leadership, management, branding and relationships. All require a level of skill. The question is what skills do you desire. How about the skills necessary to stabilize one’s emotional life? The skill of maintaining a desirable mental state? These skills are not all that common and yet are so important.

After a significant investment in knowledge acquired through the various methods available we turn to the skill development phase known as practice. Practicing towards the acquisition of skills. Every human endeavor whether at home, at work or at play involves the mastering of skills. In acquiring any kind of skill, there exists a natural education process that results in what is known as tacit knowledge. The export of this type of knowledge through history has been through the apprenticeship process which was codified in the middle ages. Malcolm Gladwell noted that 10,000 hours is the masters magic number when pursuing our primary field of endeavour. The truth is concentrated study and practice over time cannot fail but produce results.

Based on your objectives and subsequent strategy your coach and his or her team work together with you to insure your hard won knowledge is translated into skills.